5 Benefits Of The Blog Interview

downloadWhat is a blog interview? A blog interview is a chance to take a deeper dive with a guest speaker, a community member, a client, or a current employee. Here are the reasons why blog interviews benefit your organization:

1) You Create A Personal Connection With Your Guest Speaker: Non-profits and schools in particular have dozens of speakers visit every year. You never know when you may want to call on someone again, whether to speak, or for networking purposes. By taking the time to sit down with your guest for a few minutes, you provide an opportunity for them to share personal insights not usually addressed in their standard presentation. By providing this listening space, you are able to create a real relationship that can last through time.

2) You Can Ask Questions Related To Your Mission: Perhaps you had an author visit your academy and share secrets about their creative writing process. Your school has a mission statement that encourages students to be “courageous leaders.” Nowhere in the author’s prepared comments did the notion of leadership get mentioned. Through a blog interview you can ask a specific question like: “how have you demonstrated courage as a writer?” The author’s answer can then be tied to your school’s mission statement, further highlighting the value of the visit.

3) You Can Show The Interview To Future Guests: In the words of The Fixx, “One Thing Leads to Another.” Perhaps you are courting a potential guest speaker who is noncommittal, or you have a speaker asking about an honorarium when you have no money in your budget. As part of your enticement you can send a link to an interview that you conducted with another visitor. If that interview happened to be liked over 500 times on Facebook, you can mention that as well. Having previous interview links at your disposal demonstrates that your organization has the ability to promote future speakers.

4) You Can Educate Your Community Members: Blog interviews with guest speakers inevitably spread knowledge to your greater community, but interviews can also be very meaningful internally. Interviews with staff members that share why they are passionate about teaching or community development can bolster a non-profit’s brand. By taking the time to interview employees, you show that your organization cares and appreciates the people who work for the cause on a daily basis. Also, perhaps your executive director used professional development money to go on a research trip to Guatemala. A blog interview upon return can quickly and efficiently share details demonstrating how the funds for the trip were well spent. This is especially useful for maintaining smooth communication with your board of directors.

5) You Create An Historical Document: Interviews generate information that is completely unique to the moment of recording. Once your blog interview is published, it is “out there” for anyone to refer to in the future. Your blog interview shows that your organization feels strongly about the work of a particular author or speaker, in this way, you are adding to the digital footprint of that person. By publishing an interview with your guest, you are increasing their place in history, even if only infinitesimally. You never know when someone in the future will quote your interview as part of their book or article.

Here are two blog interview examples:

This is my interview with ABC News Anchor and Author, Dan Harris:


This is my interview with the Author, Francisco Jimenez:


How have interviews benefited your organization? Send me an email and let me know!

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