The Erin Schrode Playbook: How A Millennial Gets Elected To Congress

ErinS“Erin Schrode is a social entrepreneur, congressional candidate for California’s District 2, and environmental activist who works to redefine civic engagement for a generation and nation” (#ErinForUs Website). Schrode is also a millennial with more social media power than any of her opponents. Her natural charisma and empathetic approach to people has garnered the attention of literally millions of individuals who have watched her videos. She is intelligent, articulate, informed, a millennial, and a woman. So the question is, how does she do it? How does this tremendous human being do what has never been done before and join the House of Representatives as a 25-year old female? Here are my 20 pithy tips for Erin Schrode and any enterprising citizen who wants to inspire and encourage our 21st century democracy.

1) Peer to peer is successful for both fundraising and vote-getting among millennials

2) Social Media users are 5 times more likely to recruit their friends to join their efforts to make a difference in the world. Millennials like Erin Schrode can leverage their robust online network

3) Facebook can be used as a listening tool to really learn what is on the mind of voters

4) Consider using a #cashtag for fundraising

5) Create and utilize a social media ambassador system to effectively spread messaging, read here to learn more:

6) Share stories where people talk about Erin Schrode in various contexts, childhood to 2016

7) Encourage supporters to speak about their participation in #ErinForUs events on Facebook

8) Use a crowdfunding platform like hers,

9) Get supporters to share their images and videos of support, “Inspirational Images or Videos of the Day/Week”

10) Consider embracing Pinterest to capture visual campaign imagery

11) Continue to cultivate the Erin Schrode YouTube channel with calls to action in the videos, include the acquiring of supporter email addresses as part of this engagement, click here to visit Schrode’s channel:

12) Conduct virtual town hall meetings through platforms like On24GoToWebinar, Adobe Connect or use Facebook Live

13) Hold social media campaign contests where supporters submit potential slogans for Erin, or ask her random questions via video, or have supporters share answers to questions that Erin poses to them

14) Explain fun details related to where campaign spending goes, for example, X amount of money allows Erin to visit a farmer’s market in Eureka to share her mission

15) In order to encourage donating, compare the making of a campaign contribution to the purchase of a hedonistic product

16) Consider publicizing the names of donors and recognizing them by tiered levels

17) Consider investing in highly targeted inexpensive ads, perhaps micro-targeted on Google+ and Facebook

18) Ask supporters to change their Twitter avatar or Facebook profile picture to the campaign logo days before the election

19) Create promoted Tweets for specific zip codes

20) Generate targeted emails with different content and subject lines for varying supporter demographics

-For more information about Erin Schrode and her campaign, please visit:

-I would love to hear your tips for Erin Schrode and candidates like her, please don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts.

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