Hamilton Families: 5 Things I Learned While Visiting

hamiltonRecently I had the opportunity to visit the shelter program for Hamilton Families on Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco. In 2015 there were an estimated 1,303 homeless families living in San Francisco. “Hamilton Families is a nonprofit organization with the mission of ending family homelessness in the San Francisco Bay Area.”

1) The shelter houses families for 3-6 months with the goal of rapid rehousing.

2) Hamilton has a housing search and real estate team that partners with landlords using a database that tracks available units for a large chunk of Northern California.

3) 33% of families are ultimately rehoused in San Francisco, the other 67% find homes in places like the East Bay, Vallejo, and Sacramento.

4) Hamilton conducts background checks for landlords and pays part of the rent for families transitioning back into housing.

5) There are over 2,000 students in the San Francisco Unified School District without secure homes. Hamilton does considerable outreach to schools, providing site-based social service support for homeless students.

Hamilton Families plays an essential role in ending family homelessness in San Francisco. To learn more about their life-changing work, please visit:https://hamiltonfamilies.org

Special thanks to Debbie Wilber and Rachel Kenemore for hosting my visit to Hamilton Families.


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