Of Time and the Kite

when my daughter was young we flew a kite
from her wooden deck, bedroom balcony
she held the string, I watched wind
invisible thing
nearby leaves rustling, flapping
nylon snapping, waiting for release
to soar or sink, ever the question
on a day such as this
the two of us standing there wondering
what does it mean to fly away?
I let go, her twine wriggled through fingers
up and up it went
sun stopped for seconds
our fabric patch covering time

No Reply

when they don’t return your email
text message sent with no reply
electronic void, part person
part nothing, the nothing of
no response, happens all the time
these days
correspondence like lipstick
avoidance, overload
too many messages
yours got buried in
google’s grave
they cared, no they didn’t
did they miss it? miss me?
do I exist? was I rejected?
I could call, but why?