Links Related to Daniel W. Polk (I’m featured in this video)

Read about my work with HandUp, a dynamic online platform that helps economically challenged individuals

Read about my work with Hamlin and Project Homeless Connect

SF Examiner article about my work connecting homeless individuals to social media

2nd Article in SF Examiner about Tech/Homelessness

SF Examiner article about Nepal earthquake relief that was written after reporter Laura Dudnick read my Global Citizenship blog

My interview with Author and ABC News Anchor, Dan Harris, about mindfulness and global reporting

Video of NPR radio broadcaster Michael Krasny, interviewing Author and ABC News Anchor, Dan Harris. I organized this event

Jen Dulski, Julia Hartz, Sammie Rayner, and others, video included. I organized this event

Main writer for the Hamlin School Blog

Member of the Class of 2017 Leadership San Francisco