Tennessee in 10

  1. Grace, given and received
  2. Yes ma’am, no sir, y’all
  3. Sweet tea and grits
  4. Bronco, GMC, Jeep Wrangler, F-150
  5. Dolly Parton, who is Whitney Houston?
  6. Trader Joe’s empty, church on Sundays
  7. Vols, Titans, football, little else matters
  8. Nothing itches like chiggers, alive in your skin
  9. If prom is coming, spray tan
  10. Bless your heart, double-edged sword

Harriet Tubman

what is it
to listen to
God, a voice
within that knows
right from wrong
freedom from slavery?

what if we
could all live
fearless in our
love for humanity
for the decency
of all people?

what if the
north star still
shines bright, if
only we be
not blind to
our inner truth?

what if we
are all Moses
wading in water
helping everyone across
to that dry
land of faith?

Higher Power

we rarely speak
of God that
him her force
lives in heaven
forests oceans everywhere

we pray to
be always in
good stead with
each moment where
light is ours

this karma knowing
watching to see
if we are
truly in his
image like clouds

floating peace through
sky we try
meditating while walking
the quiet path
of constant love

and one day
may we arrive
wherever there is
union with all
that ever was

April Again?

first thought of Simon and
Garfunkel, angst, new love like
uncertainty, showers, flowers
and better months ahead
sun stays, longer days of
green grass, eggs, hidden
chocolate resurrection, rebirth
believers, earth day dreamers
ecology’s return to the beginning
before we lost our ozone layer
still unknown, how it ends
whether April begins again