COVID-19 Passes The Vietnam War

and when the virus
constricted air from over
58,220 lungs, no one
came to the door
informing us of death’s
arrival, no uniformed soldier’s
solemn words to comfort
ventilator’s failure to save
lives, this war of
no bullets, no answers
to the endless quest
for vaccine’s hopeful solace

we look to blame
those who cannot contain
this invisble reaper, as
if this were one
person’s fault, as if
we could just drop
a nuke and make
it all go away
instead we walk by
black granite names, mourning
the many more, expiring
with each passing day

Manifest Destiny Inspired Timeline

-1630 John Winthrop’s City Upon A Hill speech (Massachusetts) states that  “wee shall finde that the God of Israell is among us” echoing what Herman Melville would say years later about Manifest Destiny

-1689 English philosopher John Locke writes Of Property stating that God wants land to be put to use and made beautiful, and if land is idle or underused, then a person can cultivate it and thereby own it

-Washington, Hamilton, and Jefferson-all envision extending our country to the Pacific Ocean

-The Proclamation of 1763-Great Britain wants the U.S. to not cross the Appalachian Mountains, this proclamation feeds the spirit of American Revolution

-1803 Louisiana Purchase-almost doubles the land of the U.S.

-1830’s Native Americans are removed from the Eastern States to west of the Mississippi River

-1845 John O’Sullivan coins the phrase “Manifest Destiny”-meaning obvious fate with Providence: “under the protective care of God” the U.S. will settle the west

-1846 Wilmot Proviso is unsuccessful in forbidding slavery in land acquired by war with Mexico, this highlights the ongoing political tension over slavery

-1848 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ends the Mexican-American War increasing the size of the U.S. by a third, into all or parts of CA, NM, AZ, NV, WY, CO, TX

-1893 Frontier Thesis by Frederick Jackson Turner declares the frontier is closed

-U.S. continues to look for opportunities to expand with turn of the century imperialism in Hawaii, Philippines, Panama Canal, and Puerto Rico

-U.S. looks to spread Democracy/Capitalism in the 20th Century

-Space Colonization and the Final Frontier, ideas of Stephen Hawking and others